Episode 4 – Mental Health:A Crisis of Faith

Welcome to our fourth episode Haboob family!

We recently sat down with Dr. Farha Abbasi and Rick Morris to discuss mental health and the intersect of faith as a coping mechanism. We often hear about issues of mental incapacity or illness playing part in horrific tragedies in the news. Oftentimes a condition has gone without a diagnosis or the individual has slipped through the cracks of treatment and/or medication. Similarly, yet unrelated, faith is brought up as a motivating factor in hate crimes and violence around the world. We commonly know faith to be an ingredient of reflection and healing and think of its impact on our mental health in an equally positive light. As religion is such a core fiber to so many, it is vital that we better understand and discuss how it impacts the personality and mental capacity as we grow in age and faith.

Dr. Farha Abbasi
A clinical assistant professor at Michigan State University in East Lansing Michigan and also a staff psychiatrist. She is on the advisory of the committee with the Muslim Studies Program and the managing editor of the Journal of Muslim Mental Health. 

Rick Morris
Rick serves on the Just Transitions working group of the United States Climate Action Network and on the national steering committee of the Young Evangelicals for Climate Action. He holds a master of divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary and works as the Sierra Club’s Clean Energy Organizer here in Rochester MN.

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