Episode 0 – Haboob Intro

Welcome to the new Haboob podcast! A whirlwind of controversial topics discussed, debated, explained, and digested in 60 minutes. Listen in, join the discussion, and enjoy!

What is a ‘haboob’? 

It’s a noun describing a violent and oppressive wind blowing in summer, especially in Sudan, bringing sand from the desert.

Who Are You Guys?

Just two thirty-something guys with microphones and a great deal of experience in conflict resolution, diverse faith backgrounds, interest in the politics. With a specific interest in foreign policy, local and national government, and placemaking – there needed to be a channel for us to learn more, discuss, and more than likely vent on topics large and minuscule. Ahmed Makkawy and Brad Wolf met shortly after 9/11 through their respective positions with the Muslim Student Association, African Student Association, and Hillel (Jewish Student Association) on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus.

Their common goal and work through these organizations helped shape unifying conversations and roundtables helping decipher and bring awareness to issues of faith, culture, and foreign policy. The bond of civil discourse and means to resolution by tearing down misunderstanding and slander helped shape campus events throughout their college years.

Both Ahmed and Brad are now young professionals in the IT and business analyst fields, but hold the same interests in breaking down stereotypes, hashing out paths to peace, and discussing matters of local and international importance.

Why a Podcast?

Honestly? Because it’s better than cake but worse than a Snickers bar. No – We’d say it was a great way to engage an audience. Blogs are great but only allow so much interaction. Curated articles full of facts and figures, don’t gauge interest and emotions well either. The human voice is capable of shaping and changing the world through nonsensical conversation. We’d like to take a couple of hours a month to take on controversial topics, add interesting slants and angles, invite guests, and get people talking about issues often left untouched due to their gnarly complexities. Some episodes will be reserved for special interest stories and/or motivational nature to help us grow and mature.

Who Else Is Listening?

The NSA for sure. Tom Larson (we hope). Tom, taught both hosts, Ahmed and Brad, in ‘History of Jazz’. We bring up the class in our Episode 0 to explain the importance music (and specifically jazz) has on understanding the world. Being able to trace a genre of music back through recent history to understand it, we both felt helped shape our understanding of the art-form and definitely applies to doing the same for other hot button issues.

I Heard About ICES On Your Show – Where Can I Join?

An interesting find a few years ago in Omaha, NE – Ahmed ran into an interesting mob of cake decorating fanatics part of a group of ICES (pronounced IS-IS). If you like decorating cakes too, or want to learn more about this group of sugar-obsessed rebels, visit their site. Their conventions are… unique and hey, you may run into the big daddy Cake Boss there.

You Guys Are Jerks.

We know – Thank you for your understanding as we figure that out. Enjoy the show!

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