About Haboob Podcast

A whirlwind of controversial topics discussed, debated, explained, and digested in 60 minutes. Listen in, join the discussion, and enjoy!

We are humble learners and very much beginners in this venture. Coming from varying professional backgrounds (Brad in Urban Planning and Policy masters and Jewish Studies undergrad, and Computer Science and Management Information Systems for myself) we found our common values and friendship fostered through being open to discussing each others views on foreign policy, politics, and sociology from each our faith backgrounds. Each of us had key roles in Jewish and Muslim student associations on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus in the early 2000s.

Through regular communication over the years since, we had always envisioned teaming up to start a think tank on faith studies as they related to topics of foreign policy and societal needs. The impact of the work we could take on changed over the past decade however – twisting into the interest to leave the numbers and data to scientists in those fields and focus on voices and ideas we could blend together into meaningful discourse on a podcast.

Thus, Haboob Podcast was born last spring. This is a volunteer based initiative without commercial nor institutional affiliates. We want to foster openness through the sharing of stories and experience on the show.